Soraya Belly Dance

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La Zambra Dancewear Boutique
3939 Hillcroft, Suite 160
Houston, Texas 77057

Please visit La Zambra dancewear boutique located next to Del Espadin Flamenco & Spanish Dance Academy studios at 3939 Hillcroft, Suite 160, where there is plenty of flamenco and belly dance attire and accessories like Menke's Flamenco shoes, including the "Del Espadin" line custom-made by Menke's. Also available are skirts, shawls, castanets, combs, fans, hats, men's pants, shirts, vests, jackets, boots, workout t-shirts, workout pants, practice skirts, books, flowers, earrings and other accessories.

Belly dance apparrel and accessories include hip scarves (coin and fringe), zils, zil pouches, professional cabaret costumes, professional tribal costumes, silk veils, practice skirts, harem pants, workout wear, choli tops, sandals, coin belts of tons of jewelry (cabaret, tribal style, Indian, coin, etc.)!

Hours are 3-7pm, Mon-Sat, or by appointment. 

Please call 713-705-8701 for more information.

Soraya - Photo by Bhavin

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